Terms & Conditions

We encourage you to read the Terms & Conditions of our car rental company, before you proceed to your booking.

Drivers age must be minimum:

  • 24years old to hire cars of A-B Group size:1.0L-1.1L-1.15L
  • 25years old to hire cars of C-D-E Group size:1.2L-1.3L-1.4L
  • 26years old to rent cars of  -F-F1 Group size:1.5L-1.6L-1.8L-2.0L-2.4L and for all SUV cars or jeeps of our fleet.

The driver has to hold a valid driver’s license for at least 12 months.

in order to cover an accident caused to the vehicle, read more about our Insurance Policy
WHEN THE DRIVER IS YOUNGER THAN 24YEARS OLD, THERE IS DAMAGE RISK -EXCESS-ACCORDING TO CAR TYPE STARTING FROM 400EURO. A young driver 24+years old can drive cars of A – mini-or- B-Economy/Compact category only. Any other car category can be supplied with special agreement with us and excess minimum 400€ (24years drivers) OR MORE FOR LARGER CARS.

The reservation is completed when you receive a receipt email confirming the car type you booked, the car hire rate, the place of pick up and all pick up details you have written correct and filled in the reservation form of  Athenscars, together with a Reference Reservation NUMBER. If you do not receive such an email, please contact us (info@rentcarcrete.com).

The offers we advertise are current offers. If you are not sure of exact dates of you holiday, you may choose an offer to reserve the car and specify/change the exact dates and time some days before arriving. This way, you make sure the offer will remain low, as you found it online.

Client may cancel the Reservation of car rental without extra charge. Cancelling the last day is charged 15% cancellation fee of total amount. If a customer cancels 2 or more days before arriving in Crete, there is no cancellation fee. If Athenscars finds there is no car available the day you arrive (because of system failure-or-car accident), we will inform you about the matter. We will either propose you another vehicle to hire or cancel your reservation explaining the reasons it happened.

It is not our Policy to cancel a reservation but may find it necessary when there is going to be low availability of a specific make of car at the place of pick up, if it happens we will do it very quickly, within 2-3 working hours and will propose an alternative make of car. For customers who reserve cars the last day or last minute, it is good to email us asking a confirmation. We do provide large availability in Heraklion prefecture/airport and Chania airport.

A reservation is completed and a car is booked in two ways:

  • a. No Deposit of money (payment on car pick up-when we meet) or
  • b. The client can reserve a car by using a credit card or by transferring an amount of money with IBAN account. The rest amount of money can be paid either in cash or Credit/debit/cash card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express), with an extra surcharge that is sometimes up to 3%-5% depending to the credit card type.

A. The car hire provider will deliver the vehicle with an exact amount of fuel. The return of the car must be with the same tank amount .

B. If you have chosen the Full tank service and paid for a Full tank-the return of the car can be with empty tank.In this case, email us to ask for full tank in your car. If you do not email, we will deliver the car with minimum 1/4 amount of fuel.

If your flight arrives late night hours because of scheduled arrival time or delayed flight arrival, we will be there to wait for you in the arrivals area or in our office.There is an extra charge ( 20) for the airport /port pick up 22.15-07.00.

Any damage or destroy of the interior of our car  is not covered from any Insurance. The customer has to keep the interior of the car clean and safe, as when he collected it.

These are provided to all customers upon request. We want you to notify us of your child/baby age and weight, in order to place the correct seat in the vehicle.

A reservation is valid when a customer reserves a car and gives all necessary information to become a vaild member of athenscars.gr website. It is guaranteed that personal information is not given to third party but are kept , such as address-tel.number and email. If this information is not supplied the reservation will not be valid.

AthensCars is delivering cars to hotels within city limits without extra costs. City limits is considered a hotel located close to Heraklion or Chania city. Any distance exceeding 15km from the mentioned city centers, is charged of extra, due to the distance and is not referred in the final cost as Crete has many far places. You can email info@rentcarcrete.com and ask if any extra cost may apply before you book a car.

A reservation can be cancelled due to the time needed (minimum 24hours) to consider a reservation valid, this happens when the reservation arrives to us. To avoid a misunderstanding, we kindly ask you to phone us and ask if your reservation is valid, (tel. +30-6936-790870). THERE MAY BE A SYSTEM FAILURE THE TIME YOU RESERVE A CAR, FOR THIS SPECIFIC REASON WE REPLY VERY FAST. When a reservation is cancelled from our team, we propose alternative cars of possible cars of the same size.

All cars can be available for one way Rentals. Usual one-way rentals are Chania-Heraklion and opposite with a 30euro extra cost for rentals minimum 2-3 days of duration.

If you request to hire a car for ONLY 1day – we charge one way fee of 50 € for Chania-Heraklion and opposite.

A pick up of car in Heraklion airport/port and return to a hotel within the same city and opposite, is free of charge. This is not considered as one way..

A pick up of car from Chania airport to return to Chania Souda/city (new) port is free of charge.

For any other direction, a pick up of car is extra charged. Please, ask for the for the cost via email: info@athenscars.gr

*Athenscars is not allowing one way rentals from/to Sitia airport/port/city or to Rethymnon port/city from any of Crete’s other pick up places we service.

AthensCars delivers cars to ports. There must be an arrangement for this and you must arrive with a ferry from another island or port, as times/hours most ferries arrive from Athens port early morning hours. It is necessary to provide the ferry’s name or the shipping company you booked with and a MOBILE tel.number of yours. We do not accept “meeting at the port” without arriving with a ferry, if you stay in a hotel of the city-it is better to order the car delivered there – if the AirBnB is close to the port-write in remarks -MEETING-Port pick up.

When you hire a car and booked to return to Heraklion port-eg pick up Chania or Heraklion airport or hotel and return to Heraklion/Chania port- we will arrange a meeting with you. If you happen to return the car earlier, call us in +306936790870 – we may advice to return inside the private Port parking and pay the entrance parking cost=3euro.

If you have not received an email confirmation in your mailbox, please check your spam email folder.
If you reserved a car and the reservation did not come to your email address, please email us and we will send it by forwarding this email reservation to you.

I wish to RESERVE a SECOND CAR: If you wish to Reserve a second vehicle (for friends or family members), do not reserve a car with the same information as your first reservation. Write the name of the driver of the second vehicle. This way we will know you did not reserve twice by mistake.

If you book a vehicle, for, say, 4 days and decide to extend it, we will charge it with the same daily rate as for a 4 days booking. The online offers are valid to book from the beginning for all days of your stay. We are a low cost agency.

Important: we require your flight information, it will also help us determine if your flight is late. You will have to provide the correct flight information to us. An airport pick up is easy. We will wait for you in the arrivals area, holding a sign with your name on. If you don’t know the flight number you arrive, we prefer you can add TBA (to-be-advised). This means you will have to confirm it, at least before you arrive. If you will not confirm the flight, we will be not able to wait for you in the airport arrivals! This is your responsibility. Any No-Show from both sides depends on the flight number.

Athenscars is not allowing shipping the car to another Greek island. Generally, you are not allowed to ferry the car without the written authorization of Athenscars agency. We recommend you reserve cars from local agencies in other islands than pay ferry ticket to ship the car from Crete and back. It costs much more this way than hire a car and be covered in all cases the vehicle breaks down or in any case of collision accident. If a customer ships the car without our written authorization, he/she takes the risk of all damage costs and repairs/transfer back to Crete.