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Secluded sandy coves, lively seaside resorts and picturesque seascapes, Southern Crete is overflowing with fantastic beaches. Picking our favorites from a never-ending list .
From the Chania region of the moment, Rethymnon to the luxuries of theHeraklion and Lassithi Coast we’ve applied sun cream by the bottles to pick and present the best 7 beaches in Southern Crete. And with a sun lounger waiting for you at every single one, you’re totally spoilt for choice.

Elafonisi: Better known as –Gold or white Beach- steals the show instantaneously. From the clear waters to its fine, crisp white sand, Elafonisi beach is pure nirvana.
What to do: Thoroughly recommended for families with little ones in tow, but yet equally supreme for couples looking for a relaxing stroll along the waterline – it’s a haven for all. This 400-metre long beach is a hot spot during summer, but don’t let that stop you, it’s sheer bliss all year round.

How to access Elafonisi: You can hire a car and drive your self. Chania city is just 1hour and 10minutes far. The beautiful village/town of Paleochora is just 35minutes far. Chrisoskalitisa Monastery is very close to drive, 15minutes distance from Elafonisi. Renting a car is the best choise.

Loutro: Considered one of the prettiest beaches in Crete southwest, Loutro Beach is a must for your bucket-list.
What to do: The water is turquoise-hued, the beach is toe-curlingly golden and there’s even a cute harbour – so expect to tuck into the freshest catch of the day at any of the local restaurants nearby. The unmissable landmark, Loutro, was once an important rescue port, but today you can take a pretty pic of the partially submerged ruin. And in case you hadn’t already guess, it’s where the beach got its name!

How to access Loutro: You can hire a car and drive your self to Chora Sfakion. You can get in a boat and reach Loutro village.

Preveli: Though Preveli (also known as the Preveli Monastery beach) is technically a cliff, if you pass the opportunity to visit this beauty, you’ll never regret it. The beach underneath is tremendously unique, thanks to its natural white sand and clear waters. Palm trees and forest trees are part of the beach – The river from both sides is rich with Palm Trees. The scenery is fantastic!
What to do: The place is still virgin, most people stay a night under the Palm trees, there are sunbeds and a small cafe for refreshments., once you go-you’ll truly understand the definition of ‘sea views’.

How to access Preveli: You can hire a car and drive your self. Rethymnon city is just 1hour and 5minutes far. The beautiful village/town of Plakias is just 25minutes far. Damnoni beach is very close to drive, 25minutes distance from Preveli. Renting a car is the best choise.

Matala: One of the quirkiest beaches in Southern Crete, Matala is best known for the ‘Caves”, a mountain of gorgeous natural rocks that poke out of the sea and is full of caves-where people use to stay in.
What to do: This beach makes a great day out, especially in the south part. The beach has over a kilometre of white sand, dunes and a surrounding pine forest – so wherever you turn your eyes are in for a treat. The Caves are easy to walk in, people use to stay-instead of camping-as they are safer.

How to access Matala: You can hire a car and drive your self. Heraklion city is just 1hour and 5minutes far. The beautiful village/town of Moires is just 15minutes far. Kommos beach is very close to drive, 15minutes distance from Matala. Renting a car is the best choise.

Kaloi Limenes: A beach with a gorgeous port village, just a hop away from the Agiofarago canyon but in a better place. The beach is long and the Almirici trees helpful enough to set your camping equipment under.
What to do: Known for its wonderful beach, holidaymakers will find soft, fine sand sloping gently into the blue abyss. Besides pretty views, there are pedal boats for hire, canoe kayak along the sand and an electric atmosphere to match. Claim your little area of sand with your towels and then let the fun begin. Ideal for families-make sure you will be having food and drinks for the children ready-or-take a minute drive to the port and buy all necessary food, so you avoid children complaints. The island opposite the beach is the first and unique gas station island that ferries dock and receive petrol.

How to access Kaloi Limenes: You can hire a car and drive your self. Heraklion city is just 1hour and 25minutes far. The beautiful village/town of Moires is just 25minutes far. Agiofarago beach is very close to sail-YOU CAN NOT drive by car THE ROAD is OFF ROAD -by sail is 15minutes distance from Kaloi Limenes.

Mirtos: This beach is the subject of many a postcard; this nice fishing village is very beautiful and visitors are without a doubt drawn to the little beaches dotted around the village.
What to do: The beach is framed with little cottages, the fishing port and taverns – but although the beach is right by the village, it’s maintained in tip top shape and the water is oh so clean. Honestly, an afternoon spent here with a glass of wine is the stuff of dreams.

How to access Mirtos: You can hire a car and drive your self. Ierapetra city is just 10minutes far. The beautiful village/town of Makri Gialos is just 45minutes far.

Finally, we recommend you to visit the island opposite Ierapetra town, Chrissi island, where you can stay for a day and relax in one of the most interesting places of Crete worth visiting it!!!

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